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Kinds of Saffron

All Red (Top)

This kind of saffron is similar to coupe and it is derived from Bunch saffron, i.e. the white or yellow parts of saffron threads are cut by scissors and then using static electricity they are separated from the red parts. The remaining parts are completely red and they are really pure and without style. This kind of saffron has very high coloring power (240 usp or higher).


This kind of saffron in including stigma which has 2-3mm. yellow style. Power of colour of this saffron is about 220 us

Bunch (Dasteh)

This kind of saffron consists of both, style and red-colored stigma. It is also called Red& White in which the red part is about 70% to 75% and the style is about 25% and 30%. According to Iran's Standard, it is called filament 4%.


This kind of saffron has the highest coloring power (higher than 250 usp) among the other kinds and its volume is higher, too.

Style (Konj)

It is the yellow or white parts of saffron threads which are separated from Red-colored stigma. In fact, this part of saffron thread cannot de defined as pure saffron. It does not contain the dye, crocin that gives food a rich golden color. It is mostly applied for medicinal usages.


This kind of saffron has been gently dried and ground in form of powder.
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