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History of Saffron

Certain people know the origin of Saffron in old state of Mad Iran; some researchers also know the origin of Saffron at the more wide region of earth planet at Greece, Turkey, Minor Asia and Iran. Iranians while exporting saffron to many other location of the ancient world, introduced its properties to Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Semitic Native including Arabs and taught the method of its cultivation on 1st and 4th centuries of Hijratto the Muslim nations, around Mediterranean.

Iranian natives such as Rostamians and Bnotabari were effective in transferring the culture of saffron cultivation

. Historical documentary show this reality that Iranian from ancient times were really interested in gold and saffron in a way that in Celebration, happiness and exhilaration gatherings such as marriage and feasts, or welcoming the dignitaries and pilgrims offered gold and saffron to their feet.
At Achaemenideras age saffron was used for decorating bread pollen and food flavoring. At the era of Parthia's, Iranian saffron dispatched to the Greece and Rome, afterward China became one of the customers of the Iranian Saffron.
The era of Sasanians cultivation of saffron also became common in Qom and Boon and quality of their products became famous.At the same times, saffron was used for expensive papers, but previously the solution of saffron applied as writing ink, and up to centuries later was used in inks of desirable writing. In addition at the writing of holy prayers on the papers and textiles and sometimes shroud used from ink of saffron. Saffron with all attributes, characteristics and vegetable properties were taken into consideration by many literates,writers and poets. So that it can be strongly say that the word of “saffron” and related interpretations and evocations, as much that come in Persian texts and resources, at the literature never used in any one of world volume. At the 10thChristian century cultivation of saffron by Arabs (which they themselves learn it from Iranians) became common in Spain and following it, at the 18th century at the location in the name of Walden in Essex of England became common and now this location called Walden Saffron.

So that from the written and medical literature of Indian medicines it is clear that Saffron for a long time was known with the people of that land. Also saffron has been taken into consideration among Greeks, Jews, Hindus and Muslims.
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