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About us

SHAMIM SAFFRON is active in market since 1872 In field of production, packing and exportation of saffron to many Arabian countries as well as European, American and other Asian countries.

SHAMIM SAFFRON is a registered brand belongs to CBM Company which its office is located in Istanbul- Turkey. We export our products directly from Turkey to all around the world.

SHAMIM SAFFRON is an organic product and the production process is supervised by experts in a fully equipped laboratory and in a fully sterilized situation.

The packing style and sizes of SHAMIM SAFFRON exclusively belongs to CBM Company and are in different sizes of 1 – 2 – 3 gr as well as 250 – 500gr.
Shamim Saffron Company has the most equipped saffron quality control laboratory. This company’s laboratory is equipped with technological and up-date, modern facilities and from standard institute and industrial researches as Reference accreditation laboratory has been introduced the colleague of this institute. Results of all performed examination by quality control unit has been examined which the results of these examinations in selection of saffron supplier and promoting quality level of final product an finally supplying customer’s satisfaction has effective role.

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