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About us

SHAMIM SAFFRON is grade #1 and leader company premium saffron producer and worldwide seller.

SHAMIM SAFFRON is active in market since 1987 In field of production, packing and exportation of saffron to many Arabian countries as well as European, American and other Asian countries. SHAMIM SAFFRON is a registered brand belongs to CBM Company which its office is located in Istanbul - Turkey. We export our products directly from Turkey to all around the world. SHAMIM SAFFRON is an organic product and the production process is supervised by experts in a fully equipped laboratory and in a fully sterilized situation.

Our saffron products are 100% pure, natural & organic, hand-picked comes directly from farms, without any additive or preservative and belongs to persian saffron.

What is Saffron?

Saffron is a plant with scientific name of “Crocus Sativies” from (Iridaceae) Family which called “Health Flower, King of spices and Red Gold”. This plant of several years of age has small onion, almost Spherical and...
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History of Saffron

Certain people know the origin of Saffron in old state of Mad Iran; some researchers also know the origin of Saffron at the more wide region of earth planet at Greece, Turkey, Minor Asia and Iran. Iranians while exporting saffron to...
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Kinds of Saffron

1. All Red (Top)
2. Poushal
3. Bunch (Dasteh)
4. Negin
5. Style (Konj)
6. Powder
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Medical Properties of Saffron

On the basis of scientific researches which have been performed in continuation of widely using of Saffron in traditional and plant medicine, the various properties of Saffron and effective composition has attracted...
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